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About Me

     My name is Kelsie Garrett. I am a mom of two boys and married to the man of my dreams.  I live on a acreage within 15 minutes of Le Mars and Sioux City.  I originally went to school for photography, but then finished with a business degree.  That landed me a great job that I have been doing since.  Photography and photo editing has always been my passion and since having my boys it has become even more important to me.  My engagement, wedding, family, and birth photos are pictures that I treasure and look back on often.  In my free time, I love to go hiking, play guitar, play roller derby, or just enjoy time with my family.

     When each of my boys were born, I had a photographer in the room to document the event.  I am so glad I did.  They captured all the emotions from the day, along with the first latch, cord cutting, weigh-in, and many other first with both of my boys.  During the birth, never once did I or my husband have to worry about grabbing our phone or camera to take pictures. We were able to completely focus on what was happening in front of us.  When originally researching getting this done, I was surprised to find out that there isn't really anyone in Siouxland area that provides this amazing service to the community. Why wouldn't you want to be able to document your child's birth like you document your wedding? That is where I come in, having been through births myself, I want to be able to capture those beautiful moments for others.  

     Along with doing birth photography, I have a passion for restoring old photos.  With my photography education, I received many years of photo editing classes and learned lots of techniques for fixing photos.  If you are like my family, you have many old photos that are yellowed, ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged.  These family heirlooms mean a lot to me and my family.  Restoring these photos is a way I can give back to my family and make sure we don't lose these pieces of history.

     Living on an acreage has given me a great area to shoot photos.  I have 8 acres of land that has many different great locations for shooting photos.  It features a stream meandering through the lower lot, rolling hills, fields, wooded areas, and many other features.  My clients are able to stay in one spot and get many different backgrounds/locations for their images.  I also love to go to different locations off-site to shoot as well as some photography in my in-home studio.

     If you are like me, and love to capture life's moments in photos but don't want to have lower image quality that phones have, contact me and see what I can put together for you.  Don't miss out on capturing these future family heirlooms.



Contact Me

27315 Imperial Rd

Hinton, IA 51024


Phone: 605-770-4812

Personal Brand Photography for High-Level Entrepreneurs & Influencers